Titan of the Sun Online Slot

Microgaming has announced and released their new titles – Titan of the Sun Theia and Hyperion online slots. The two slots, although thematically related and not necessarily played together. But at the same time they are extremely fun and complete each other in a great way.

Titans of the sun online slot game

Titan of the Sun – Theia Online Slot

Titan of the Sun Theia is an online slot machine based on the Greek mythology and especially the Mother of all – Theia. The storyline focuses on the goddess and her twelve children – the Titans, Theia’s men and friends and all the related myths.

It has fifteen lines. Free spins, Stacked Mystery symbols and Wild symbols will swarm the slots to add experience for the player, but also opportunity to win more from the different bonus levels and symbol effects.

Titan of the Sun – Hyperion Online Slot

This new game by Microgaming was released in October alongside the Titan of the Sun Theia slot game. It is similar to it in many ways, including the 15 lines, availability of bonus symbols and the free spins. A player can get free spins from hitting threes, fours or get fifteen free spins by finding the our Scatter Symbols.

This game is still unavailable for fun, but can bring you a lot of experience and financial benefit, if luck is in your favour.

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