Meet the Play Online Team

The website was born suddenly, in a small room in the dorms of an IT university in the United Kingdom where three good friends decided that they could bring their technical, social and graphic skills and use them to help the community by bringing trustworthy opportunities to the people.

Play Online Team

Who We Are

Grand Fortune CasinoMatt Bronson is a Programmer from Surrey. His dream is to create the ultimate online earning opportunity. After seeing his father’s savings disappear for one of the first MLM practices in the country, he decided to create something himself. Quickly transferred from his second-year studies of Business Management to Programming, he discovered that coding is his true forte and could soon code his own projects.

Studying in the same year as him was one-year-younger Simon Michaels from New Jersey, who had travelled all the way to the UK to learn graphic and digital design. This gave life to the love of online games and anything that gaming online

The two discovered that their ideals coincide and began working on Matt’s project, bringing forth a professional website within just a couple of months. However, something was wrong. To fill-in the gap was Matt’s roommate Karl Soderling, a Swedish student in Internet Marketing and Media Advertisement. Karl’s organised personality and the ability to see sense into demographics and marketing, combined with the technical knowledge and experience of Matt and Simon were the perfect recipe.

What We Do

We have discovered the greatness of online games and how playing them can improve our world. Yes, were not exaggerating. This is the age of e-sports, where young people all over the wold earn hundreds of thousands for being the best in League of Legends, Dota 2, StarCraft and Counterstrike. Everyone is now looking into the mobile gaming opportunities and how investing into an app which costs the user two pounds to install can bring them thousands in revenue or tournament earnings.

We wanted to bring them to you. And we did. offers you a large list of online and casino games which can give you not only fun times, but also a new way to earn without having to spend boring hours at an office full of the most annoying people you know. Online roulette and a game of online craps are some of the games we enjoy in our past time.