League of Legends – The Online Gaming Phenomenon

League of Legends began in the year 2009 with a slow start and a number of problems, but was soon to fix them and quickly turned into the first MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), bringing together people from all ages, nations and genders.

league of legends logo and charecters

As of 2015, the online game has 127 playable champions and hundreds of available customisations for them (skins). Hundreds of official tournaments are being organised all over the world. Thousands of people participate in professional teams of two or five players and win real money by playing online games in the different modes available on the League of Legends platform.

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Similarly to old-school poker], it is a mind game where the opponents need to learn how to read each other’s actions and reactions, to know when would the enemy team choose to attack Baron or Drake and when to attack the Nexus, no matter how hard the game may be.

Card-based games such as Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!]used to initially attract new players with their awesome graphics and really well-thought worlds. This is a lesson well-learnt and executed by Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends. The game offers a full background story of each of the 127 (and counting) champions, their lores and even some non-playable characters.

League of Legends also shares a number of qualities with the game of online roulette. Generally, the idea of not knowing what follows. Even when it comes to ranking and playing serious games, there is a lot of luck involved where players are randomly picked for each team.

With so much diversity and by using the best practices of the classic games, League of Legends managed to stay on top of the e-sports food chain for the past three years.