Building the World Online with Minecraft

Building the World Online with Minecraft

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Minecraft was created in 2009 by the Mojang AB studio. In 2014,  was sold to Microsoft for 2.5 billion US dollars in a widely disputed deal. It focuses on creating, and on destroying a wold made up of cubes. The players choose an in-game avatar to control and use them to put up blocks of different types to challenge other players or fight non-playable monsters.

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Minecraft Modes

minecraft survivalMinecraft gave the players an opportunity to choose their own game. Practically, this gives five different games to the players.
Survival is the mode where players need to use resources to keep their avatar alive for as long as they can. They can farm and use up materials for building, cooking, crafting and armouring themselves. Monsters may appear in higher levels.

In the creative mode, the online game has features where the players only concern themselves only with the beauty of building. With an almost unlimited amount of cubes of all in-game types, each player can create unique inhabitable buildings, 3D graphics, pixelart-based creatures and objects and much more. Here, the avatar cannot die and can even fly.

Minecraft AdventureAdventure lovers can enjoy the mode by interacting with different objects in the ready-made maps and solving different puzzles. This mode, however, has a very limited block activity.

Spectators were added to the game in version 1.8. In this mode the players can only observe, but not influence the game. They can also chat and interact with other spectators.

Minecraft Hardcore

Hardcore is for hardcore gamers. This is the Survival mode, but with all difficulty levels set to ‘hard’. Surviving in this is not for the faint-hearted.
Even in the hands of Microsoft, Minecraft continues to attract new players with the 2015 count reaching 10 millions, according to the official Minecraft website.